Wine Lip Tint

Wine Lip Tint

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Sometimes it is all about the packaging, which is what attracted me to this cute miniature ‘wine bottle’ of lip tint as I passed a Tony Moly store in Macau. Happily, this particular product turned out to be a success in that it delivered as well as looking good, which was presumably why – of the half dozen different colours in the display, only 2 were still available.

It comes from Korean beauty firm Labiotte, which produces cosmetics made with natural ingredients combined with ‘state of the art dermatological technology’, and these ‘Chateau Labiotte’ lip tints contain actual wine extracts.

Among the 6 colours are Shiraz, Chardonnay, and the Merlot Burgundy which I bought. The packaging claims that the tint is long wearing and ‘dyes the lips with a bold yet delicate colour that resembles quality wine while moisturizing the lips’. From my sampling of the product in the store, I would add that you can even detect a subtle taste of wine.

Daughter #2 got in first with her feedback, and she has this to say: ‘I loved this lip tint. The bottle it comes in is adorable and the colour is fantastic! It is really easy to apply and the colour stays on for a very long time. You can increase intensity by applying more when the first layer has dried, but it does make your lips quite dry so you should carry a clear lip balm with you.’